Xara Designer Pro X MAGIX Download With New key Features

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 Xara Designer Pro X MAGIX Download With New key Features


Xara Designer Pro X MAGIX download with new key features

Xara Designer Pro X from MAGIX, which provides customizable vector graphics, powerful image editing, professional printing, and modern web design, to enhance your creative work. Users will be able to use vectors to design with freedom and without loss of quality, while over 140 filters let you remove small imperfections, crop objects, and combine then to create collages. New features in this version include enhanced design tools, including Smart Shapes, Quick Shape, and Smart Layout, support for over 70 files formats, improved text and PDF editing, new ICC profiles to display CYMK colours on an RGB display, Web support for sharper graphics with shorter load times, and Open Graph support to let you control how your website appears when it is on social media. Are you looking for a fast and powerful software program that’s designed to meet your requirements? Here’s the solution! Download and test Xara Designer Pro now for free. Get a hands-on first impression of this award winning program that seamlessly combines all the design tools you’ll need in a clear interface for an optimal workflow and fast results! Whether for graphic design, photo editing, illustration, animation, presentations or webs design, Xara Designer Pro is the perfect choice to get the job done

MAGIX Xara Designer Pro X combines photo editing, desktop publishing, graphics, and web design, all in a single workspace, for users with high creative demands. With Xara Designer Pro X, you can design your own website, edit images, draw your own vector graphics, create flyers and business cards, and create a high-quality presentation that you can access online.
More Details

MAGIX bundles this software with a web domain and 2GB of free web storage for one year. Also included is a year of free access to the Xara Online-Content-Catalogue. Compatible with Windows 10 and 11, this version of Xara Designer Pro X is delivered via software download. This version is Education Edition with Volume License, meaning its made for students looking to buy this software in quantities of 10 or more.


Supports professional colour separation for print and the web (CMYK/RGB) Additional output as professional PDF/X documents Comprehensive XPS support (device-independent file format from Microsoft) Timesaving workflow with live object copying including realtime updating Lots of additional design templates for graphics, DTP, photos and web design Full support of multi-core processors for maximum productivity


  • Latest Updates: Designer Pro X March 2022: Designer Pro+ March 2022. You can find a summary of our latest updates below, with more details in our Release Notes.
  • You’ll automatically receive all the latest Designer Pro+ updates if you have an active Pro+ subscription purchased direct from Xara.
  • If you own Designer Pro X you can download the latest updates if you have an active Update Service purchased from our retail partner Magic.

 Improvements in Designer Pro X

As usual with Pro+ updates we’ve included a host of small but useful enhancements and fixes. In this release that includes:

  • Improved AI import, including support for more recent AI versions.
  • Wrong font sometimes applied to text in PDF export. Fixed.
  • PDF form field import/export fixes.
  • Spelling dictionaries updated.
  • Web publishing (sFTP). Compatibility problems with some external hosting services solved.
  • SVG file with linear gradient failed to import. Fixed.
  • Overlapping text in exported SVG. Fixed.
  • Error sometimes shown moving mouse pointer over text inside shape. Fixed.
  • Clipped Opacity Mask Group incorrectly rendered after move. Fixed.
  • Dead accent key handling fixed, when working on text inside smart components.
  • Canonical links in conventional websites now reference the correct page filename.
  • reel=”no opener” can now be stripped from a web link with a blank target by applying the name “opener”.
  • Web web export option could sometimes be auto enabled when saving a template after applying a page background. Fixed.




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