Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 14.1.16219 Crack

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AntiBrowserSpy is a tool designed for helping users to switch off browser spy functionality. Stop browsers from spying on you, remove internet traces and create backups of your browser settings – with AntiBrowserSpy. More and more browser manufacturers are integrating features into their browsers that send private data of their users back home.

Sometimes, this data consists of a unique ID that allows identifying a user, and sometimes it is a URL of a website that you visit. Google Chrome and the new Internet Explorer have been turned into real champions when collecting those kinds of personal data. Still, even Firefox and Safari are sending out private information. – AntiBrowserSpy is a tool designed for helping users to switch off those spy functionality.

PC users cannot disable many espionage features of common web browsers – even experts cannot turn off all of them. AntiBrowserSpy makes it very easy to control all browser settings. With one mouse click, you can copowerful spyware tool for web browsers. AntiBrowserSpy enables you to control or change all browser settings. With the help of this software, with a few simple mouse clicks, you can even access the hidden settings of web browsers and attempt to disable some spyware features. AntiBrowserSpy Pro Crack also enables you to remove Internet traces from web browsers Includes deleting webpage history, cache memory, cookies, and even URLs. AntiBrowserSpy will give you the ability to back up all your browser data including saved addresses, saved passwords and other information to keep your data safe and restore them in the futur

Key Features:

  • Disable secret functions and spyware browsers
  • Removing Internet traces such as web page history, Cache memory, Cookies, and URLs
  • Ability to backup browser settings
  • Full support for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • One-click full protection
  • Supports all types of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple      Safari, and Opera browsers

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What’s New

What’s new in AntiBrowserSpy 2022?

As a user of AntiBrowserSpy, you are already surfing the net without leaving any telltale traces. This is also very important, as internet espionage is constantly on the rise, especially in times of Corona.

For the new version 2022, It makes the browser protection even more effective and secure. In addition to the previous browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Co., AntiBrowserSpy 2022 now also supports the T-Online browser and Opera. Of course, the new version can already be used with the new Windows 11.


To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows

ttings of all your browsers and disable even hidden espionage features.

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